About Superverse

Superverse is an e-zine for anyone interested in space, covering a variety of current topics.  Originally, the magazine was printed as a 16-page magazine mock-up.  However, because we live in an age where most people read news online, it seemed more appropriate to transition this publication from print to web.

Two years ago, I entered a program where I learned the importance of properly communicating scientific initiatives to the general public and found my calling.  Interest in STEM disciplines among younger generations has declined significantly in the past decade, so my goal with Superverse is to reach teenagers and pique their interests.  Additionally, I think there exists a serious disparity in the way science is communicated to the public.  In my courses, I have learned that there is a severe lack of effective communication that leads to misinterpretations of the field.  I believe that when clear, concise and relatable information is provided, readers tend to receive and retain it better.  In an effort to follow my passion and restore communication between scientists and the public, I started working on this zine.

Without further adieu, I give you the mission statement of Superverse:

We the people of Earth are curious creatures who marvel at the unknown.  Our mission is to explore and investigate all things happening in the universe and put them right within your reach.